14 Best Things To Do In Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is a small, quiet, and beautiful town on Lake Champlain’s Eastern Shore. Amazing hiking trails, conservation areas, fishing ponds, and big trees surround Burlington City.

Located near Lake Ontario, Burlington is known for museums, mouth-watering food, village squares, art galleries, three colleges and universities, and a full range of four-season outdoor pursuits.

According to the report of Wikipedia, Burlington is the most populated city in the United States state of Vermont. The reason is that Burlington offers every facility to their citizens; that’s why people love this city.

Continue studying this blog and deep dive into the best things to do in Burlington, VT.

1. Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens

Canada’s largest garden spreads over 2400 acres of land between Niagara Falls and Toronto. Royal Botanical Gardens is headquartered, owning extensive environmental protection areas, historic sites, etc.

Royal Botanical Garden presents five garden areas where you can see Canada’s most unique wildlife and plant species. People also come here for bird-watching, fishing, and to see many exhibitions and projects.

Apart from this, the gardens are an amazing place to enjoy with family and friends. You can also witness people picnicking, relaxing, walking, and enjoy in nature in Royal Botanical Gardens, Vermont, Canada.

  • Entry Fee – $19.50 per person
  • Address – 680 Plains Rd W, Burlington

2. Beachway Park

Beachway Park

It is among Burlington’s most popular and beautiful parks, where people come to sunbathe, relax, and play with sand. Beachway Park is a park that spreads over 6.8 acres of land with two kilometers of lakeside trails.

Beachway Park is always crowded with people; it is the natural beauty of it. It has amenities/features, like outdoor pavilions, playgrounds, sitting areas, benches, and activities, like swimming, walking, and running.

You can also witness people bird-watching, picnicking with loved ones, cycling, swimming, reading books, and spending time alone. Undoubtedly, Beachway Park is among the best fun things to do in Burlington.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 1100 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington

3. Spencer Smith Park, Among The Best Things To Do In Burlington

Spencer Smith Park

Spencer Smith Park is the most popular and beautiful park in Burlington, located on the shore of Lake Ontario, which was named in memory of Spencer Smith, a former president of the Burlington Horticultural Society.

It is an open place to walk by the riverside with dogs and is also home to many festivals and events in Burlington. Slides, splash pads, pools, walking areas, picnic spots, trails, and artifacts also exist.

Spencer Smith Park is also an ideal destination for people who want to see cherry blossoms; plenty of blossom trees are available. It would be best to visit this park in the early morning or the evening to enjoy it more.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 1400 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington

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4. Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Mount Nemo Conservation Area

It is a popular conservation area in Burlington owned and operated by Conservation Helton. It is ideal for mountain climbers, rock climbers, trekkers, hikers, campers, and adventure lovers.

Mount Nemo Conservation Area is an excellent place for people who want to escape city hustling-bustling and enjoy some time alone or in nature. Pack your lunch box and come to this area on weekends.

There are multiple trails in Mount Nemo Conservation Area for trekking, which is an excellent trek for beginners. You can witness many trees, lakes, bridges, and wildlife in the path of the trek, and the view is breathtaking.

  • Entry Fee – Around $10 per person
  • Address – 5317 Guelph Line, Burlington

5. Lowville Park

Lowville Park

Lowville Park is an amazing destination to travel back in time and live childhood again. It is among the best family & kid’s parks in Burling, with amenities and features like picnic spots, trails and bridges.

Don’t forget to take your frisbee, football, soccer ball, and lunch box to Lowville Park. It is also a wonderful destination to escape the city’s bustling and spend quality time with friends, family and solo.

Lowville Park will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists, and there are many open green areas for relaxing, sleeping, reading books, writing books, and spending time with wildlife, nature, and yourself.

  • Entry Fee – Entry Fee
  • Address – 6207 Lowville Park Rd, Burlington

6. Village Square, Among The Best Burlington Things To Do

Village Square

It is a popular shopping mall in Burlington, but the interesting thing about Village Square is that it is not only a shopping mall. It also has bakery shops, walking paths, culinary delights, and professional services.

Village Square is the best pick for people looking for a place in Burlington to spend quality time with their partners. With modern and historic architecture, Village Square has something for all ages.

Village Square Shopping Mall is amazing, from eating food to drinking coffee and from massage to shopping. It would be best to come here after the sun goes down because the view is breathtaking at night.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 418 Pearl St, Burlington

7. Lil’ Monkeys Indoor Playground Inc.

Lil' Monkeys Indoor Playground Inc.

From its name, you may already guess what it is. Yes, it is an indoor playground in Burlington. Lil’ Monkeys Indoor Playground Inc. is considered among the largest & cleanest indoor family entertainment spots.

It has something for everyone, from kids to teens and adults to old. It spreads over 16,000 square feet of land with many games and features, like arcade games, trampolines, shooting games, and more.

For parents looking for a place where their children enjoy, Lil’ Monkeys Indoor Playground Inc. is the best place for you. The best part about this playground is that parents can enjoy it with their children.

  • Entry Fee – $5 per person
  • Address – 3250 Harvester Rd, Burlington

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8. Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

It is a popular park in Burlington that spreads over 6.4 acres of land at the western edge of Oakville. Bronte Creek Provincial Park is ideal for skiing, hiking, trekking, biking, and playing barn.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park provides car camping and many activities, like bird-watching, disc golf, hiking swimming, and popular winter activities, like Cross-country skiing, Snowshoeing, and Tobogganing.

People mainly come here for trekking and hiking with family and friends. The park also organizes festivals and events yearly, like Ghost Walks in August, Camper Halloween, and Victorian Christmas in December.

  • Entry Fee – $15 per person
  • Address – 1219 Burloak Dr, Oakville

9. RBG Hendrie Valley Sanctuary, Among The Best Fun Things To Do In Burlington

RBG Hendrie Valley Sanctuary

It is one of the nature preserves in Burlington, where people mainly come for trekking, hiking, watching falls, and bird feeding. Hnedrie Valley Sanctuary is easily accessible by Howard Road.

On the path, you can witness much wildlife, like raccoons, squirrels, ducks, swans, chipmunks, and birds like woodpeckers, cardinals, nuthatches, and cedars. It is the most recommended place to visit on weekends.

It would be best to visit RBG Hendrie Valley Sanctuary on a sunny day because in the rainy season or winter, the trails are very slippery, and at that time, it is not safe to come here with kids and old ages.

  • Entry Fee – It varies from person to person
  • Address – 444 Patricia Dr, Burlington

10. LaSalle Park

LaSalle Park

LaSalle Park is an excellent park & pavilion since 1970 in Burlington that spreads over 57 acres of land featuring soccer fields, splash pads, a family sitting area, a wading pool, a playground, and many sports fields.

There are also many short trails available here, but with many wildlife. The Lake of Ontario view is amazing and very neat and clean; you can also witness many fishes, ducks, frogs, and turtles in the Lake.

LaSalle Park is an amazing spot to visit with family, friends, and kids, especially on weekends for picnics. It would be best to visit LaSalle Park in the summer because, in summer, you can enjoy many water activities.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 50 North Shore Blvd E, Burlington

11. Smokey Hollow Waterfall

Smokey Hollow Waterfall

It is also a natural preserve in Burlington, like Hendrie Valley Sanctuary, but it is most beautiful and popular. Smokey Hollow Waterfall is mainly known for its waterfalls, dense forests, viewing platforms, and hikes.

Apart from the waterfalls, there is a big waterfall that spreads 10 feet in height which is the main attraction of this nature preserve. Many waterfalls are small in size but look beautiful and are an ideal spot for photography.

People mainly come here for picnicking, and it is also an ideal destination for small hikes, treks, and camping. It would be best to visit here in winter because the weather is pleasant and the water pressure is also low.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 80 Mill St S, Waterdown

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12. Splitsville Burlington, Among The Best Things To Do In Burlington This Weekend

Splitsville Burlington

If you are looking for a place in Burlington where you can have fun and relax simultaneously, Splitsville Burlington is an ideal destination for you. It is a bowling alley with 24 bowling lanes and many VIP lanes.

Apart from bowling lanes, many other games are available here for all ages, like Glow in the Dark Bowling, a 2-level laser tag arena, a state-of-the-art arcade, a large redemption prize store, and a pool table.

Splitsville Burlington also has an area where you can eat various snacks and enjoy delicious drinks. Splitsville Burlington is also available for special books, like parties, meetings, gatherings, and much more.

  • Pricing – bowling starts from $29 per person
  • Address – 830 Laurentian Dr, Burlington

13. Brant Street Pier

Brant Street Pier

It is not a shopping mall, not a park, or not a nature preserve, but it is among the best attractions at the waterfront in Downtown Burlington. Brant Street Pier extends over 137 meters into Lake Ontario, Canada.

Brant Street Pier provides a breathtaking view of the lake and Burlington’s shoreline. It is an S-shaped pier about 7.5 meters wide, featuring an amazing walking path, panoramic views, and sitting spots.

You can also witness ducks and swans sitting on Burlington’s shoreline. It would be best to visit Brant Street Pier when the sun goes down, and the moon comes into the middle of the sky.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 1400 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington

14. Mount Royal Family Restaurant

Mount Royal Family Restaurant

Continue following the ritual of Travel Tour Idea; it is the best eating spot in Burlington. Let me explain for those who don’t know about our ritual; at the end of every post, we will share the best eating spot for every place.

Mount Royal Family Restaurant is a popular & family restaurant in Burlington that provides mouth-watering food with a budget everyone can afford. You can check the pricing of this restaurant by clicking here.

You can also contact this restaurant for home delivery services, but it would be best to eat by sitting in the restaurant because the vibe of food at home and the vibe of food at the restaurant are different.

  • Pricing – starting from $3
  • Address – 2029 Mt Forest Dr, Burlington

Conclusion On The Best Burlington Attractions & Things To Do

It’s all about the best things to do in Burlington. Burlington is a hidden gem in Canada because most of the people missing visit this gem because of false thoughts in their mind about this place, like nothing is amazing here.

But that’s not true; from natural preserves to indoor playgrounds, parks to trails, gardens to wildlife sanctuaries, there are plenty of fun things to do in Burlington, VT.

Now you have the list of best Burlington attractions, pack your bag, book your tickets, and get ready to explore Burlington like never before.

“Thank You.”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Things To Do In Burlington, Ontario

Below I will answer the most asked queries by people regarding Burlington attractions.

What are the best free things to do in Burlington, Ontario?

1. Brant Street Pier
2. Beachway Park
3. Spencer Smith Park

What are the best things to do in Burlington with kids?

1. Lil’ Monkeys Indoor Playground Inc.
2. LaSalle Park
3. Royal Botanical Gardens

What are the best things to do in Burlington for adults?

1. Smokey Hollow Waterfall
2. Village Square
3. Mount Nemo Conservation Area

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