Top 14 Free Things To Do In Toronto, Canada

Toronto has many nature walks, skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, and amazing city streets. Toronto is considered among the most expensive places in Canada in every way.

But on the other side, you should take advantage of plenty of free things to do in Toronto. Toronto is always full of free activities, from art galleries to museums, parks to beaches, libraries to gardens.

According to the report on thestar, Toronto Airport is ranked in the 17th position in the world regarding best on-time performance, which increased by 75% according to last year.

That means it is easier for people to explore Toronto in minimal time. Continue reading this article and explore the fourteen things to do in Toronto for free of cost.

1. Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley

It is a popular outdoor street art gallery located in Toronto. Graffiti Alley is a heaven place for art lovers, especially if you are a street art lover. It is considered among the largest art galleries in Toronto, Canada.

People mainly come here for photoshoots and selfies, and it is also the best place to take pictures for social media platforms, like Threads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Take your camera and click memorable pictures.

If you are lucky, you can also witness the many tv shows, movies, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and Web-Series shot in Graffiti Valley. You can also see this art gallery location in many song videos.

  • Pricing – Free
  • Address – 513 Queen St W, Toronto

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2. Art Gallery of Ontario

 Art Gallery of Ontario

It is the most popular museum in Ontario, spreading over 45,000 square meters of land, making it among the largest museums in North America and the second-largest museum in Toronto, Canada.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is also home to a research centre, a workshop, event spaces, dining facilities, a gift shop, a library & archives, a lecture hall, and a studio. The museum has a collection of 120,000 works of art pieces.

It is among the best things to do in Toronto for free, but only on Wednesday because this museum is free only one day a week from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. throughout the year.

  • Pricing – Nothing (only on Wednesday)
  • Address – 317 Dundas St W, Toronto

3. Kensington Market

Kensington Market

It is among the best and must-visit places in Toronto for everyone. Kensington Market is a walkable market that attracts locals and tourists to its amazing antique shops, street-food stalls, and art spaces.

The market is also home to many bakeries, sweet shops, meat shops, restaurants, tattoo artists, and bars. Kensington Market is also considered the most photographed place in Toronto, more than any other place.

Kensington Market is mainly known for giving a Bohemian vibe, amazing murals, annual festivals, colourful shops, family-friendly spots, Sunday events, and over 240 eclectic businesses.

  • Pricing – Free To Visit
  • Address – Kensington Market, Toronto

4. High Park, Among The Best Free Things To Do In Toronto

High Park

It is a popular municipal park in Toronto that spreads over 399 acres of land, making it the largest park in Toronto. High Park is made for all ages; whether you are a kid, married, single, or old, it is meant for everybody.

High Park has many facilities, like playgrounds, gardens, zoos, educational centres, natural parks, sporting centres, and cultural facilities. You can also witness the unique Oak trees in High Park.

Almost two-thirds of the High Park remains in a natural state, making it more beautiful. It is an excellent place for people looking for a place in Toronto to relax, chill, and spend some time alone.

  • Pricing – Free
  • Address – High Park, Toronto

5. Distillery District

Distillery District

It is the same place as Kensington Market. Still, it has more things to do and places to visit than Kensington Market, like cafes, historic buildings, art galleries, several theatres, and outdoor sculptures.

This market is spread over 13 acres of land in Toronto with ten streets, more than forty heritage buildings, and the largest and most popular collection of Victorian-era Art industrial architecture.

You can witness people buying accessories, dancing, singing on the streets, eating in vast restaurants, watching shows in theatres, etc.; you can do the same stuff in Distillery District in Toronto.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – Distillery District, Toronto

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6. Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach

It is a lakeside beach park located in Toronto which was once connected with Toronto Islands and formerly known as the “Fisherman’s Island.” Cheery Beach has been a popular gathering location in Toronto for many years.

Cherry Beach is covered with forests and lakes, making it dog-friendly. Also, it is a perfect spot for morning, evening, long, short, jogging, cycling, and relaxation in Toronto.

Several benches and picnic spots are available here, making it the perfect weekend getaway for family and friends. The water is too cold in winter and hot in summer, so swimming is not a great idea here.

  • Pricing – Nothing
  • Address – Cherry Beach, Toronto

7. Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library

It is also known as the “Toronto Reference Library,” which is mainly famous because there is no entry fee to visit this library. The library has many books, microfilms, manuscripts, and ancient documents.

Toronto Public Library has many book categories, like fiction, supernatural, adventure, horror, knowledgeable, science, comic books, comedies, history, geography, economics, and paranormal activities.

It is also the best place to relax and enjoy your own company sometimes. The library staff is very polite and helps you if needed. The cleanliness and vibes of Toronto Public Library are amazing.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – Toronto Public Library, Toronto

8. St. Lawrence Market, Among The Best Things To Do In Toronto For Free

St. Lawrence Market

It is a popular and major public market in Toronto which is located along with Jarvis Street and East Front Street. St. Lawrence Market is mainly known for shopping, eating, walking, and doing fun things.

The minus point about this market is that you must struggle to find veg food if you are a vegetarian. Otherwise, the market has gift shops, boutique shops, bakery shops, meat shops, sweet shops, and much more.

St. Lawrence Market is an excellent place to visit with friends because it has everything a group of friends needs to enjoy. The best part about this market is it is not much-crowded if you visit here in the morning.

  • Pricing – Nothing
  • Address – St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

9. Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm

It is a 7.4-acre municipality-operated farm in Toronto, one of my favourite things to do for free in Toronto. The farm raises many cute animals, from cows to goats, pigs to sheep, and chickens to fish.

The best part about Riverdale Farm is that it is open seven days a week and 365 days a year with free entry. You can also witness fresh vegetable vegetation, flower gardens, wooded areas, ponds, etc.

Riverdale Farm also has a beautiful trail to walk around and witness the birds, butterflies, and small wild animals. The washrooms are also available here, and there is no entry fee but a donation box; if you want, you can donate.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 201 Winchester St, Toronto

10. Polson Pier Skyline Viewpoint

Polson Pier Skyline Viewpoint

It is not a place where you can buy something, nor a place like Riverdale Farm. Polson Pier is an amazing scenic spot in Toronto where people come to witness the sunset and the amazing view of the city.

Polson Pier is home to an amusement park, a swimming area, a volleyball court, and a driving range. It is also known as the “The Docks Waterfront Entertainment Complex,” a multipurpose entertainment complex.

The Polson Pier is easily reachable by public bus, and it will hardly take 20 minutes to reach from Toronto City. The view of the night is breathtaking and creates an environment of peace.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 11 Polson St, Toronto

11. The Bentway

The Bentway

It is an amazing place to visit, especially for kids. The Bentway is a non-profit organization in Toronto that offers ice skating for free, public events throughout the year, and many art shows in Toronto.

There is nothing to do apart from skating, which opens only in winter. If you don’t know how to skate, there is nothing for you here besides sitting on the bench and reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee.

The Bentway is also considered among the best things to do in Toronto for free because of its free skating option. People looking for a place to relax or visit with family, kids, solo, and your partner.

  • Pricing – Nothing
  • Address – 250 Fort York Blvd, Toronto

12. Aga Khan Museum, Among The Best Free Things To Do In Toronto This Week

Aga Khan Museum

It is a popular Islamic Art, Muslim Culture, and Iranian Art Museum in Toronto. The Aga Khan Museum has over 1200 unique and rare objects dedicated to Muslim, Iranian, and Islamic culture and religion.

You can take a guided and self-guided tour of the Aga Khan Museum. If you want to learn about the full history of these museums and Muslims, it is highly recommended to take a guided tour that will help you.

Aga Khan Museum has many exhibitions, fascinating artefacts, and an art gallery available; more than thousands of people visit this museum annually from Toronto and outside Toronto, like the United States, India, etc.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 77 Wynford Dr, North York, ON

13. Toronto Sign

Toronto Sign

It is among the best fun & free things to do in Toronto, Canada. It is an illuminated three-dimensional sign in Toronto. “I Love Toronto” are the words written on a board which is 3 meters tall and 22 meters long.

In addition, this sign is filled with 228 million colours combination of lights controlled by a remote and connected via Wi-Fi. The clarity of this sign is almost equal to what the human eye can sense.

People mainly come here to click pictures with this sculpture and upload pictures on social media platforms. Toronto Sign is a place that is found tagged in most of the photos in the Instagram account of Toronto people.

  • Pricing – Free
  • Address – 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

14. Nathan Phillips Square, Among The Best Things To Do For Free In Toronto

Nathan Phillips Square

It is a popular urban plaza in Toronto, Canada, home to many festivals, concerts, public events, weekly farmer’s markets, and the amazing winter festival of Lights held every year in winter.

Nathan Phillips Square is also home to theatres, shopping malls, nightlife joy, etc. It is a place that is always crowded with people taking photos. There is also a vast skating rink that attracts people towards it.

The view at night in Nathan Phillips Square is amazing, and that is when this place is mostly crowded every day. You can witness people walking, laughing, eating, skating, and couples enjoying quality time here.

  • Pricing – Nothing
  • Address – 100 Queen St W, Toronto

Conclusion On What To Do In Toronto For Free?

It’s All about the best free things to do in Toronto. Toronto is a city full of free activities, from museums to parks, Toronto Sign to farms, and shopping centres to free skating areas; it is blessed.

There are tons of things to do in Toronto which are very expensive, but the purpose behind this article is to provide you with the best things to do in Toronto for free. All the things mentioned above are free.

Now you have the list of what to do in Toronto for free, pack your bag, book your flights, and land in Toronto to explore all the above-mentioned free activities, Don’t forget to share your Toronto experience in the comments.

“Thank You” and “Happy Toronto Journey.”

Frequently  Asked Questions

Below are the answers of queries regarding free activities in Toronto.

What are the hidden gems in Toronto For Free?

1. Polson Pier
2. The Bentway
3. Riverdale Farm

What are the free activities in Downtown Toronto, Canada?

1. High Park
2. Graze at St.
3. Shopping at Yorkville

What are the best free things to do in Toronto at night?

1. Toronto Sign
2. Nathan Phillips Square
3. Cherry Beach

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