15 Outstanding Things To Do In McAllen, Texas

McAllen is a beautiful city located in Texas, United States. The city is mainly known for its festivals, mild winter weather, beautiful multi-colour birds, tropical breezes, peace, shopping malls, and the low cost of living.

There are plenty of things to do in McAllen for all ages, like Quinta Mazatlan, Bill Schupp Park, and McAllen Nature Centre. From relaxing things to fun things and from trekking places to museums, McAllen is blessed.

According to the report of Championtraveler, July is the busiest month for tourism in McAllen, followed by June and December. The prices of hotels, food, and flights peak during these months.

So, plan your trip to McAllen according to your need. Continue reading this article to know the surprises that hold McAllen for travellers. Read this solo travel guide if you are looking to travel solo anywhere.

1. McAllen Nature Center

McAllen Nature Center

It is formerly known as the “McAllen Botanical Garden”, a city-operated nature reserve in McAllen, Texas. It has over 200 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 80 types of butterflies.

The Nature Centre has many beautiful walking paths, playgrounds, playing areas for children, and wildlife & nature to explore. The staff is very friendly; they help you at every step and will give morning tours.

You can also witness flora here, and November to March is the perfect time to see dozens of butterflies. Free parking, benches, washrooms, and walking trails are also available in this area.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 4101 US-83 BUS, McAllen

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2. Firemen’s Park

Firemen's Park

It is also known as the small gem of McAllen because of its relaxing spots, fishing areas, and a playground for everybody. Firemen’s Park features a sand volleyball court, a BBQ pavilion, etc.

People generally come here to catch and release fish, do yoga, go boating in summer, cycle, run, bike, walk, jog, enjoy with family on weekends, and watch the sunset. You can also witness many ducks here.

If you are looking for a place to escape the bustling city or want a break from your daily routine, Firemen’s Park is perfect. You will fall in love with this park because of its beauty, peace, little crowd, etc.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 201 N 1st St, McAllen

3. Quinta Mazatlan, Among The Best Things To Do In McAllen

Quinta Mazatlan

It is an urban birds and nature centre popular among the locals and tourists in McAllen. It is an interesting place to visit and see the original Adobe home. You can also see many bronze statues and animals here.

Quinta Mazatlan is also considered the heaven in the centre of the city. It has more than 250 species of birds, which you may never see anywhere. There is also a walking path where you can walk in nature to feel good.

It would be best to visit Quinta Mazatlan in the early morning because all the birds are coming outside from their home. Quinta Mazatlan is among the best things to do in McAllen, TX, for couples.

  • Entry Fee – $3 per person
  • Address – 600 Sunset Dr, McAllen

4. International Museum of Art & Science

International Museum of Art & Science

The International Museum of Art & Science is a heaven place for science lovers in McAllen because this museum educates visitors about science and is also dedicated to Latin American art exhibitions.

The exhibition inside the museum changes consistently so that their old visitors do not get bored and learn something new every time they visit. It is not a big museum; it spreads only in McAllen’s 50,000 square feet of land.

But it is a must-visit place for all ages. It is an excellent place to visit with family in McAllen, but avoid visiting this museum on Mondays because it is closed that day. You can also buy little snacks and drinks from here.

  • Entry Fee – $5 per person
  • Address – 1900 W Nolana Ave, McAllen

5. Bill Schupp Park

Bill Schupp Park

It is a favourite destination of all the locals of McAllen because it has activities for all ages. Bill Schupp Park spreads over 19 acres of land, providing picnic areas, walking paths, a fitness trail, and play areas.

It is also my favourite destination in McAllen. The park has major amenities, like picnic tables, restrooms, playgrounds, a pavilion, hiking trails, and a bonfire. It is the best to relax in McAllen.

People mainly come here for picnics, biking, hiking, walking, and running. You can also witness many butterflies in Bill Schupp Park, and there are also some trees under which you can sit and beat the heat.

  • Entry Fee – $10 per vehicle
  • Address – 1300 Zinnia Ave, McAllen

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6. National Butterfly Center, Among The Best Things To Do In McAllen, TX

National Butterfly Center

It is a popular outdoor butterfly conservatory operated by the North America Butterly Conservatory. The National Butterfly Center preserved more than 340 species of butterflies in McAllen.

It is also considered among the most diverse sanctuary in the United States. Along with butterflies, they also have some birds you can not see anywhere in the United States; that’s the promise of this centre.

Some popular butterflies in the National Butterfly Center are Monarch Butterfly, Red-Bordered Pixie, and the Mexican Bluewing. It is also home to tortoises, bobcats, armadillos, coyotes, and reptiles.

  • Entry Fee – $10 for senior citizens and $5 for children
  • Address – 3333 Butterfly Park, Mission, Texas

7. Bannworth Park

Bannworth Park

It is also a popular and peaceful park, like Bill Schupp Park. But Bannworth Park has more activities and features than Bill Schupp Park, like wildlife watching, a fishing pier, and a viewing area.

Bannworth Park has 7-8 miles of jogging paths, a playground, a pond with a pier, a football field, a soccer field, restrooms, picnic areas, eight picnic tables, a softball field, and an open play area for all ages in McAllen.

It is among the best things to do in McAllen at night because the lights are turned on, and people can enjoy picnics with family, jogging, and laughing with friends in this park.

  • Entry Fee – $1 per person
  • Address – Bannworth Park Pavilion, 1822 N Shary Rd, Mission, TX

8. Museum of South Texas History

Museum of South Texas History

It is the most important museum in the history of Texas because it features exhibitions of the Rio Grand Valley, South Texas, and the North Eastern Mexican States, like Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and many more.

For almost 40 years, this museum has been popular among the locals of McAllen and tourists. The Museum of South Texas History has an exhibition of prehistoric plants, animal fossils, European colonization Exhibitions, etc.

If you are a history lover or interested in deep-dive into old things, the Museum of South Texas History is your best pick. Undoubtedly, it is among the best things to do in McAllen this weekend with family or solo.

  • Entry Fee – $9 per person
  • Address – 200 N Closner Blvd, Edinburg, Texas

9. Zinnia Park, Among The Best Fun Things To Do In McAllen

 Zinnia Park

It is a lesser-known park or a newly opened park in McAllen. Most people don’t know about Zinnia Park, but it is the hidden gem in McAllen with a basin, a splash pad, and green space.

Zinnia Park has some popular features or amenities, like shaded trees, a volleyball court, picnic tables, slides, a kid’s playing area, swings, washrooms, public toilets, etc. People also come to this park for hiking.

Zinnia Park is the perfect pick if you are looking for a place to go with family, kids, and friends for fun. Summer is the ideal time to visit this park because you can enjoy the splash pad and swimming pool in summer.

  • Entry Fee – It varies from person to person and their age
  • Address – 5201 N 29th St, McAllen

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10. Edinburg Municipal Park

Edinburg Municipal Park

It is the most popular municipal park in McAllen, spreading over 90 acres of land. It is a small but well-maintained park with well-groomed grass, walking paths and a sitting area. It is the best area for kids.

The Park has six softball/baseball fields, three soccer fields, forty-two picnic tables, 1.5 miles of jogging and running paths, rollerblade trails, five playgrounds with equipment, and manufactured lakes for fishing.

You can witness people doing things like horseback riding, fishing, hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and picnicking. Edinburg Municipal Park is among the best things to do in McAllen, Texas, because of its features.

  • Entry Fee – Free
  • Address – Edinburg Municipal Park, 714 S Raul Longoria Rd, Edinburg, Texas

11. Mission Hike and Bike Trails

Mission Hike and Bike Trails

From its name, you can already guess what it is. It is the most popular hiking and biking trail Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, which spreads over 760 acres of land with more than 300 species of unique birds.

People mainly come here to go hiking and biking with friends or solo. It is among the best things to do in McAllen this weekend. On this trail, you can witness many wildlife creatures, trees, breathtaking views, and hidden spots.

It is a vast five-mile route with many difficulties, so it would be best to take enough water, some essential medicines, must-take an offline map with you, and protect yourself from sunstroke in the summer.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – City of Mission Hike and Bike Trail, Mission, TX

12. Barrera Skate Park, Among The Best Things To Do In McAllen, Texas

 Barrera Skate Park

It is the best spot for kids who are seeking to do skating or fun activities. It is a popular skate park among children and kids among the locals of McAllen. It is a clean, big, and the best skate park in McAllen.

There is a nice walking path beside the Barrera Skate Park for those who don’t want to go skating. It is the best place for parents to sit back and watch their children skating and having fun in this park.

If you don’t know how to skate or don’t want to go skating, sorry, my friend, there is nothing to do here for you. But if you are among those people who want to relax and escape the city bustle, then it is a great place.

  • Entry Fee – $5 per person
  • Address – 200 S Palma Ave, Mission, Texas

13. McAllen Heritage Center

McAllen Heritage Center

It is a tiny but amazing museum in McAllen that showcases the McAllen history and the art pieces by local artists. There is also a small shop in this museum; you can buy that shop’s products direct by clicking here.

McAllen Heritage Centre also organizes many events throughout the year that you can check by clicking on the above link. Many artefacts and models highlight the first 100 years of McAllen, TX.

It is a must-place if you wish to learn about the beginning of McAllen city or are interested in the local arts. McAllen Heritage Center has everything that is enough to learn about the McAllen starting Era.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 301 S Main St, McAllen, Texas

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14. Trapped RGV Escape Rooms

Trapped RGV Escape Rooms

If you are looking for an adventure place or a fun thing to do in McAllen, Trapped RGV Escape Rooms is made for you. The escape room centre features puzzle games for groups with multiple themed versions.

You and your team will be locked in a room, and you have 60 minutes to find clues, solve riddles, follow the marks, and crack codes to exit from for themed room.

Trapped RGV Escape Rooms is designed for families, big groups, friends, couples, and corporate groups. If you fail to escape the room, don’t worry; the staff will help you exit the room safely.

  • Pricing – $25 per person but $15 per person (only on Tuesdays)
  • Address – 609 US-83 BUS, McAllen, Texas

15. Main Event Pharr, Among The Best Things To Do In McAllen At Night

Main Event Pharr

As per the rituals of Travel Tour Idea, in the end, we will talk about the best eating place or restaurant of the place which we are talking about in our article. Main Event Pharr is the best restaurant in McAllen, Texas.

The best thing about this restaurant is that it provides food & drinks and has plenty of games, like arcade games, shooting games, rope climbing, watching sports, billiards, etc. It opens seven days a week.

The Main Event Event Pharr is designed for families, couples, and friends. You can also book this restaurant for birthday parties, ceremonies, team-meeting, and private meetings.

  • Pricing – It varies from person to person
  • Address – 500 N Jackson Rd Suite C, Pharr, Texas

Conclusion On What To Do In McAllen,Texas?

It’s all about the best things to do in McAllen. McAllen is a wonderful city in the United States for all ages. It has everything a human has in their life, from relaxing spots to adventure spots; this city is heaven.

It is not a vast city; that’s why there are countable things to do in McAllen, Texas. Those mentioned above are the must-visit places in McAllen for joy. This article is made to tell you about only the best places in McAllen.

Now you have the complete list of things to do in McAllen, pack your bag and land in McAllen to explore. Comments your views on this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best things to do in McAllen for couples?

1. Trapped EGV Escaped Rooms
2. Main Event Pharr
3. Zinnia Park

What are the best things to do in McAllen this weekend?

1. National Butterfly Centre
2. Mission Hike and Bike Trails
3. Main Event Pharr

Best things to do in McAllen at night.

1. Bill Schupp Park
2. Main Event Pharr
3. Quinta Mazatlan

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