15 Outstanding Things To Do In Prince George, BC

Prince Georgia is a beautiful city located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a moderate population of 80,000 and is home to local retail stores, fashion boutiques, and brand shops.

Prince Georgia has places, activities, and attractions for all ages. Some best things to do in Prince George are Prince George Cougars, Fraser and Nechako rivers, and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.

According to the report on Wikipedia, the climatic condition of Prince Georgia is very poor. The most common reason for people’s death in Prince Georgia is from air diseases, like air pollution.

That’s why you must care for your health, like wearing a mask in public areas and avoiding smoking. Continue studying this article to learn what to do in Prince George’s.

1. Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park

Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park

The city’s largest park spreads over 65 acres of land and provides a gorgeous view of Fraser River, Amazing Floral Displays, amusement centers, tennis courts, washrooms, and playgrounds.

The park has many amenities, like sand volleyball courts, picnic spots, shaded trees, trails, a museum, a spray park, Kiwanis Bandshell Bowl, etc. It is an amazing spot to spend quality time with family and friends.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 17th Ave, Prince George.

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2. Connaught Hill Park

Connaught Hill Park

It is among the most beautiful hill parks in British Columbia. You will get a 360-degree view of Prince George’s City and Fraser River. Take a cup of coffee and sit back on the bench to relax and chill.

Connaught Hill Park has many features and amenities, like washrooms, benches, picnic areas, flower beds, a fantastic city view, a trail, and a walking path, making it among the best things to do in Prince George’s.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 1112 Connaught Dr, Prince George

3. The Exploration Place

The Exploration Place

It is a heaven place for science lovers and researchers. The Exploration Place is a little local science museum with enormous dinosaurs models, unique exhibitions, and a steam engine train ride.

The staff is amiable, and they always have a smile on their face. The museum also has a kids’ play area, a water park, and a playground; they also organize summer activities for kids and children.

  • Entry Fee – $11 per adult
  • Address – 333 Becott Pl, Prince George, BC

4. Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum, Among The Best Fun Things To Do In Prince George

Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum,

It is a well-known museum in Prince George’s that spreads acres of land. Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum has a collection of historic buildings, numerous artifacts, and over sixty pieces of rolling stock.

The most popular collection of this museum are Canadian National Railway, Grand Trunk Specific Railway, Pacific Great Eastern Railway, and BC Rail. It is the best place to visit on weekends.

  • Entry Fee – CA$8.00 per adult
  • Address – 850 River Rd, Prince George

5. Cottonwood Island Nature Park

Cottonwood Island Nature Park

It is one of my favorite parks because of its beauty, peace, river, and breathtaking view. Cottonwood Island Nature Park is a 32-hectare park with wide trails and Nechako River shorelines.

The park has significant amenities, like washrooms, picnic areas with tables, a boat launch, benches, bridges, and a lunch area. You can also witness wildlife, like eagles, foxes, birds, ducks, fishes, and chickadees.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – River Rd, Prince George

6. Moore’s Meadow Nature Park

Moore's Meadow Nature Park

A vast nature park in Prince George’s spreads over 150 acres of land. It is among the best destinations for trekkers, hikers, and campers because it has everything adventure lovers expect.

Moore’s Meadow Nature Park has 9.5 km of trails, including breathtaking views. It is also a great place to come with dogs, and you can also witness wildlife, like bears, foxes, fishes, birds, rabbits, and deer.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 4750 1st Ave, Prince George

7. Mr. PG

Mr. PG

It is a funny and historical landmark on 97 Highway in Prince George, British Columbia. Mr. PG first appeared on 9 May 1960. He helped and celebrated countless community events for a century.

Mr. PG is a giant statue with 8 meters in height and spread 1.5 meters in diameter. There is always a smile on Mr. PG’s face. People mainly come here to click photos with Mr. PG, and it is more popular with children.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 2800 Upland St, Prince George,

8. Paddlewheel Park & Beach, Among The Best Things To Do In Prince George This Weekend

Paddlewheel Park & Beach

It is a small bench park that is perfect for a family visit. Paddlewheel Park & Beach has many amenities compared to other parks in Prince, Georgia, like benches, washrooms, and a picnic shelter.

There are also many activities/features for children, like basketball courts, tennis courts, boat launches, a swimming pool, volleyball courts, shaded trees, a sandy beach, and a small green area for all ages.

  • Entry Fee – It varies from person to person
  • Address – 7815 Okanagan Landing Rd, Vernon, BC

9. McMillan Creek Regional Park

McMillan Creek Regional Park

It is a popular park among people looking for a fishing area, forest walk spaces, and beautiful trails. The park also includes the Nechako River cut banks, giving a fantastic view of Prince George’s landscapes.

McMillan Creek Regional Park has some facilities, like washrooms, picnic tables, resting spots, and a parking area. You can also witness rare plant species and different wildlife animals.

  • Entry Fee – Not Known
  • Address – Hoferkamp Rd, Prince George

10. Forests for the World

Forests for the World

It is among the most beautiful parks in Canada. Forests for the World is a park that is an ideal destination for trekkers and hikers because it gives you a vast area of trail around 15 km through a dense forest.

The Forests for the World is also an excellent place to visit with family. It has incredible features/amenities, like picnic shelters, a fishing area, a lookout tower, a canoe lunch, and fire pits.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – Forests for The World, City Park in Prince George

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11. LC Gunn Park

LC Gunn Park

It is a perfect spot for hikers, trekkers, joggers, walkers, cyclers, and people of all ages. LC Gunn Park has 3.5 km of trails with panoramic views, is covered with dense forests, and is surrounded by a river.

It would be best to come to LC Gunn Park in the early morning or evening because, at that time, the view is fantastic. It is also an excellent place to visit on weekends or to escape city hustling-bustling.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 231 hwy16 East, Prince George

12. Northern Lights Estate Winery, Among The Best Things To Do in Prince George At Night

Northern Lights Estate Winery

It is the number one and most popular fruit winery shop in Prince George’s that offers high-quality wines, and it is the only riverside restaurant in Prince George’s that provides fruit wines with amazing views.

If you are looking for a place in Prince George’s to spend quality time with family, chill with friends, and make some memorable moments with your partner, it is a perfect destination.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay for wines)
  • Address – 745 Prince George Pulpmill Rd, Prince George

13. Two Rivers Gallery

Two Rivers Gallery

It is the best art gallery in Prince George, BC. Two Rivers Gallery is a center for contemporary Canadian Art and creativity. They organize special events for schools, colleges, youths, and all ages.

You can visit their official site to understand more about Two Rivers Gallery facilities, the join program, and the volunteering option. Two Rivers Gallery is an excellent place to visit with family, kids, and friends.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 725 Canada Games Way, Prince George

14. Goodsir Nature Park

Goodsir Nature Park

A gorgeous park in Prince George’s is home to 200 native trees, animals, and birds that spreads over 3 km of land. The Goodsir Nature Park is considered the best place to visit in Canada.

It is a perfect spot for tourists, families, and old age people. People mainly come here to find peace, take photographs, watch birds, walk in dense forests, trekking, video recording, and see wildlife.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 22825 Old Summit Lake Rd, Prince George

15. Exhibition Park, One Of The Best Fun Things To Do In Prince George

Exhibition Park

From its name, you can guess what this park is all about. Exhibition Park is a popular park in Prince George’s in terms of historical exhibitions, children’s rides, carnival games, and spending time with family.

You can reach Exhibition Park by walking and driving quickly. It is also among the largest entertainment venues in Prince George’s. You can enjoy greasy food, rides, events, and many festivals.

  • Entry Fee – It depends on which events time you visit.
  • Address – 41 Keller St, Prince George

16. Rockford Grill

Rockford Grill

While traveling here and there in Prince George, you may need a place to eat some good food/snacks and enjoy some drinks. Rockford Grill is a contemporary bar & restaurant that provides Asian dishes.

It is the best and most highly rated eating place in Prince George’s. The most popular dishes of Rockford Grill are Vegetarian dumplings, chicken wings, tuna snacks, etc. They can also provide home delivery service.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay for what you eat)
  • Address – 2990 Recreation Ave, Prince George

Conclusion On What To Do In Prince George, British Columbia

It’s all about the best things to do in Prince George, in simple one line answer Prince George is an average place to travel because of some negative points of Prince George, British Columbia.

Like, the air quality could be better, there are most parks in Prince George, etc. But there are many fun things to do in Prince George, from trails to parks and shopping malls to rivers; this place is blessed.

Now you have the list of what to do in Prince George, pack your bag, book your tickets, and explore all the places mentioned above individually. Don’t forget to share your travel experience in the comments.

“Thank You” and “Safe Journey”

Frequently Asked Questions

Below I will answer the related queries about Prince George, British Columbia.

What are the best things to do in Prince George at night?

1. The Makerie
2. Northern Lights Estate Winery
3. Two Rivers Gallery

What are the free things to do in Prince George?

1. Two Rivers Gallery
2. Connaught Hill Park
3. Cottonwood Island Nature Park

What is the population of Prince George?

The population of Prince George in 2023 is around 80,000.

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