15 Exciting Things To Do In Westchester County

Westchester in Hudson Valley is considered among the best cities in New York whether you want to go for a vacation or raise your kids here. Westchester has the oldest historical buildings, valleys, and art centres.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Westchester County for all ages, like Rye Playland, Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden, and Katonah Museum of Art. It is also a perfect weekend getaway.

According to the report in Wikipedia, Westchester County has been seen on various movies and shows, like Sleepy Hollow, X-Men, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Now you understand the popularity of Westchester.

Continue studying this blog post to learn more about the best things to do in Westchester County, New York.

1. Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

It is a popular Japanese Art museum that spreads over 3.5 acres of land in Westchester County. The museum offers changing exhibitions, lectures, and programs on the roundabout of Eastern and Western culture.

The Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden was established in 1957 by Natalie Hays Hammond as a place where Eastern and Western culture is appreciated. The best of this museum is that entry is free for all.

Apart from Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden, you can also see the amazing Japanese Garden with sitting benches, beautiful trees, and walking paths. It is an excellent place to spend weekends.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 28 Deveau Rd, North Salem

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2. Croton Gorge Park

Croton Gorge Park

It is among Westchester’s most famous and beautiful parks, part of the New Croton Dam. Croton Gorge Park spreads over 97 acres of land, an ideal destination for fishing, picnicking, and skiing.

Croton Gorge Park is filled with people all year, and in winter, it becomes the ideal destination for skiing and sledding. The park also has portable bathrooms, a small playground, and a bridge on the top of the dam.

You can witness people picnicking, walking on the bridge, taking photographs, trekking, hiking, and fishing with family and friends. It would be best to visit Croton Gorge Park in winter and autumn to enjoy more.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing (5$-$10 for parking)
  • Address – 35 Yorktown Rd, Croton-On-Hudson

3. John Jay Homestead, Among The Best Things To Do In Westchester

John Jay Homestead

It is a lesser-known historical place in Westchester, but it the heaven for history lovers and those who want to learn about American history. It preserves the 1787 home of Founding Father and statesman John Jay.

It is a beautiful farmhouse with a sitting area, pictures older than 200 years, exhibits, and walking paths. A guide also helps you at every step at John Jay Homestead to learn more about this place.

John Jay Homestead is an excellent place to spend Sundays with family, friends and solo. It gave you the feeling of stepping back in time and in-depth knowledge about American history with amazing views.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – 400 Jay St, Katonah, New York

4. Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts

Undoubtedly, it is among the best fun things to do in Westchester for youngsters. It is a popular live music venue near Katonah. It serves as a live music venue for Opera, Chamber, American Roots, and Jazz.

Apart from the live music venue, it has picnic tables to see the show while eating, a seating area, an open place to dance, amazing acoustics, washrooms, restrooms, good signage, and a large parking area.

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts is excellent for taking a break from daily life routines and enjoying time with loved ones. It would be best to come to this venue at night because there is not much to do here during the day.

  • Entry Fee – It varies on events
  • Address – 149 Girdle Ridge Rd, Katonah

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5. Katonah Museum of Art

Katonah Museum of Art

It is a non-collecting institution in Westchester that organizes events, various programs, outdoor concerts, cocktail parties, exhibitions, and educational programs that invite people of all ages to enjoy.

Katonah Museum of Art also organizes lectures, films, and workshops for children. This Art Museum is always crowded with people, and it becomes the most popular attraction at night.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy, relax, and have fun at the same time, the Katonah Museum of Art is the best spot for you. To enjoy it more, consider visiting with family, friends, and kids here at night.

  • Entry Fee – $12 per person
  • Address – 134 Jay St, Katonah

6. Lyndhurst Mansion, Among The Must Westchester Things To Do

Lyndhurst Mansion

It is also known as the Jay Gould Estate, which spreads over 67 acres of land. Ut has been a historical landmark in Westchester since 1966 and is popular because it is America’s finest example of Gothic architecture.

Lyndhurst Mansion has a beautiful walking path, a library, and a vast green space. The interior of Lyndhurst Mansion is amazing; it has all the original art pieces, furniture, paintings, and Gould’s real office.

You can also book a tour guide hourly; they have excellent knowledge about Lyndhurst Mansion and every piece. It is also among the best things to do in Westchester this weekend with family.

  • Pricing – It varies on tour types
  • Address – 635 S Broadway, Tarrytown

7. Washington Irving’s Sunnyside

Washington Irving's Sunnyside

Like, Lyndhurst Mansion, it is also a historical landmark in Westchester, but it is more popular. Washington Irving’s Sunnyside is a historic site that spreads over 10 acres and is home to Washington Irving.

Washington Irving is mainly known for short stories like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This museum became a popular historic landmark in 1962; now, it has a collection of Irvings’ original furniture and accessories.

Like, a study room, a dining room, a parlour, a kitchen, and many bedrooms. And all these furniture and accessories are open to see for the public. This Museum is also an excellent place to visit with family and friends.

  • Entry Fee – $10 per person
  • Address – 3 W Sunnyside Ln, Irvington

8. Rockwood Hall

Rockwood Hall

It is a popular Glided Age Mansion in New York City which is the home of William Rockfeller, brother of John D. Rockfeller, both brothers are the founder of Standard Oil Company. However, the Mansion is no longer there.

But there were more than 204 rooms, making it among the second-largest private houses in the United States. Rockwood Hall is a popular tourist spot in Westchester, where people come to relax.

There are walking paths, benches, a beautiful lake, an eating area, and vast trees available at Rockwood Hall State Park. It is among the best spots for walking and along with that you will also get to know about history.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – Phelps Way, Sleepy Hollow

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9. Playland Park, Among The Best Fun Things To Do In Westchester

Playland Park

Playland Park is among the best fun things to do in Westchester for all ages. Playland Park, also known as Rye Playland, was built in 1928 and spread over 280 acres of land owned by Westchester County.

Playland Park has amazing attractions, like live music concerts, stage shows, a 100 feet tall music tower, a swimming pool, arcade games, tons of rides, a beach, ice rinks, casinos, a boating area, and restaurants.

It is among the best things to do in Westchester for all ages because it has everything. From picnic shelters to live stage shows, rides to swimming pools, and restaurants to casinos, Playland Park is the best spot.

  • Entry Fee – It varies on group size
  • Address – 1 Playland Pkwy, Rye, NY

10. Empire City Casino

Empire City Casino

It is among the biggest and most popular resorts & casinos in the Northeast. The Empire City Casino is easily accessible by public and private transport, and it also has partnerships with many hotels and cabs in Westchester.

Empire City Casino is the sixth largest gaming floor in the country with ultimate games, like electronic table games, arcade games, poker, baccarat, sic bo, and Yonkers Raceway (120-year-old horseback racing track.

Apart from the games, Empire City Casino hosts live entertainment six nights a week, including live music concerts, celebrity appearances, food festivals, athlete’s meet & greet, and sports game tournaments.

  • Entry Fee – It varies from person to person
  • Address – 810 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers

11. LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Dobbs Ferry

LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Dobbs Ferry

From its name, you may already guess what it is/ Yes, it is a movie theatre in Westchester. It is a new theatre that spreads 32-000 square feet of land, which receives tons of people from the first day of opening.

Because it is not only a movie theatre, it has a luxurious dining restaurant where people come for meetings, events, gatherings, parties, ceremonies, birthday celebrations, and private events.

Apart from that, LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Dobbs Ferry can hold up to 850 people simultaneously for a minute. You can also buy cool drinks and snacks from this theatre between intervals. Washrooms and parking are free.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay for movie and food)
  • Address – 1 Hamilton St, Dobbs Ferry

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12. Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate, Among The Best Things To Do In Westchester, NY

Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate

It is a well-known landmark in Westchester, offering a 40-room home tour, art pieces, gardens, and breathtaking views. Kyukit is a museum which is owned by National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Now it is an ideal destination for history lovers and people who want to know about Westchester’s secrets. To enjoy the best of Kykuit, booking a tour guide would be highly suggested because they give info about everything.

You can witness people walking in the garden, taking photographs with friends & family, and relaxing on the benches. It is also considered among the best relaxing things to do in Westchester this weekend solo.

  • Entry Fee – It varies from person to person
  • Address – 381 N Broadway, Sleepy Hollow

13. Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse

It is among the best relaxing spots in Westchester, which give you a breathtaking view of the sea and sky. Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse is a cute little lighthouse on the harbour walk, which people love so much.

People mainly come here to escape city hustling-bustling and spend time alone. Apart from that, there is also a walking path where you can walk with the sea, and there are walls with amazing murals nearby.

It would be best to visit Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse in the early morning or the evening because, at that time, the weather is pleasant, and you can also witness the birds, boats, and sunrise & sunset, which is amazing.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Address – Tarrytown Light-Kingsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow

14. FDR State Park, Among The Best Things To Do In Westchester This Weekend

FDR State Park

It is also known as the Mohansic Park and Mohansic State Park, which spreads over 960 acres of land and is among Westchester’s biggest and most beautiful parks. The park is around 40 miles from New York.

FDR Park has amazing features/amenities, like a big swimming pool with 3500 swimmers, freshwater fishing, boating, picnic shelters, volleyball nets, food stores, softball fields, baseball fields, etc.

It is a park with entertainment for all ages, from fishing to boating and swimming to sports; FDR Park is amazing. You can also witness people walking, jogging, meditating, and doing yoga in the evening.

  • Entry Fee – $10 per person
  • Address – 2957 Crompond Rd, Yorktown Heights, New York

15. The Beehive

The Beehive

Continue following the ritual of Travel Tour Idea; it is the best eating place in Westchester. For those who don’t know about our ritual, let me explain; at the end of every blog post, we talk about the best eating restaurant in the place.

The Behhive is an American Restaurant serving upscale diner fare with Greek roots in a dining room. It is a family-friendly restaurant so that you can visit here with your family, friends, kids, and colleagues.

The food of The Beehive is mouth-watering, which suits everyone’s pocket. They can also organise events, and you can book The Behhive for birthday parties, small gatherings, meetings and ceremonies.

  • Pricing – It varies from person to person
  • Address – 30 Old Rte 22, Armonk

Conclusion On What To Do In Westchester County?

It’s all about Westchesters best things to do. Westchester is a tiny town, but not with tiny features. Westchester never disappoints anyone regarding food, adventure activities, hotels, and relaxing spots.

This place is blessed with historical landmarks, fair fields, museums, parks, live music venues, and movie theatres. Above mentioned things are the best ones in Westchester that you should consider on your trip.

Now you have the list of best things to do in Westchester, pack your bag, book your hotels & flight, and get ready to explore Westchester. Don’t forget to share your travel experience in the comments; it will help people.

“Thank You.”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Westchester Things To Do

Below I will answer the most asked queries by people on the internet regarding Westchester County.

What are the best things to do in Westchester at night?

1. Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse
2. The Beehive
3. FDR State Park

What are the best things to do in Westchester for couples?

1. LOOK Dine in Cinemas Dobbs Ferry
2. Playland Park
3. Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden

What are the best things to do in Westchester for adults?

1. Empire City Casino
2. Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts
3. Croton Gorge Park

Is Westchester County a good place to live?

Yes, it is an amazing place to vacation or raise kids in New York City. You can live your full lige here without any problem with fun.

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