14 Interesting Places To Visit In Panchkula, Haryana

Panchkula is an amazing city in Haryana, just 10km from Chandigarh. Panchkula is mainly known for its lush green areas and forests, and it is also home to five ancient water canals and caters.

Most people only explore Chandigarh, but if you want to explore hidden destinations, Panchkula is meant for you. From Temples to Gardens and Parks to Wildlife Sanctuary, Panchkula is a must-visit place.

According to the Wikipedia report, most people in Panchkula speak Hindi as their primary language and Punjabi as their second major language. So, it is a good place to explore for Indians with a “Desi” touch.

Contiune studying this blog post to learn more about the best places to visit in Panchkula, Haryana.

1. Saketri Shiv Mandir

Saketri Shiv Mandir

It is a popular Hindu Temple in Panchkula dedicated to Lord Shiva. Saketri Shiv Mandir is among the most popular temples in Panchkula, located near Sukhna Lake and 5 km from Mansa Devi Temple.

Saketri Shiv Mandir is popular because of its grand size, and it is also believed that it is an ancient temple established centuries ago in Panchkula. People of all casts and religions come here to pray to Lord Shiva.

On special events like “Maha Shivratri” and “Sawan, ” Saketri Shiv Mandir Temple is decorated with flowers, lights and crowded with people. The Saketri Shiv Mandir is jammed with Shiva mantras all day.

  • Best Time To Visit – During Shivratri
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

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2. Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden

It is renamed National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre, and it is among the most popular Botanical Gardens in India and the world, with 2500 species of succulents & cacti.

Cactus Garden aims to preserve and conserve the endangered species of cacti & succulents. Cactus Garden also has some species of cacti & succulents that you can not see anywhere in the world.

Cactus Garden is an excellent place for tourists and botanists; it is home to three gree houses. If you are in Panchkula and don’t visit Cactus Garden, your Panchukla journey might be incomplete with regret.

  • Best Time To Visit – October to March
  • Entry Fee – Rs10 per person

3. Deer Park, Among The Best Places To Visit In Panchkula

 Deer Park

It is a beautiful, charming, peaceful garden where you can witness deer with little patience. Deer Park is located at Chandimandir Cantonment, and there are also five more parks near Deer Park.

The mountains behind this park make it more amazing with chilled winds and peace. Deer Park is neat, clean, and eco-friendly; you can witness people here walking, jogging, and relaxing.

It is not a vast park where you can do many activities, but for people looking for a place to escape the city hustling-bustling, spend good time with loved ones, and relax, Deer Park is an ideal destination in Panchkula.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

4. Town Park

Town Park

It is among the biggest open-air theatre gardens in Panchkula, which is very clean and well-maintained and attracts more than millions of visitors annually. The Town Park is located 4km from Chandigarh City.

The Town park has amenities/features like benches, green space, slides, picnic shelters, drinking water, and trees. People from nearby offices come here to relax during the lunch break or after office hours.

You can witness people jogging, walking, running, meditating, and picnicking with family. Town Park is an excellent place for people looking to relax, chill and escape city hustling-bustling.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

5. Garden Of Silence

 Garden Of Silence

It is a garden mainly made for meditation located at the end of Sukhna Lake. Garden of Silence features the statue of Gautam Buddha, which signifies people’s inner peace, happiness, silence, and “Moksha.”

Garden Of Silence is an ideal destination to visit in the evening or the early morning because, in the daytime, it is very hot in Panchkula, Chandigarh. It is the best place for people who wants to relax and walk.

The Garden Of Silence was financed by the Minister of Tourism and created by the Chandigarh administration. You can witness people walking, jogging, picnicking, and sleeping under the shaded trees.

  • Best Time To Visit – In the evening
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

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6. Yadavindra Gardens, Among The Best Tourist Places In Panchkula

Yadavindra Gardens

It is also known as the “Pinjore Gardens,” considered among Panchkula’s best places. It is a historical garden home to cafes, snack shops, haunted houses, swimming pools, toy train rides, bull riding, etc.

Pinjore Gardens is the best place for all ages because it has amenities/features that attract people. Telling about Yadavindra Gardens only in some points is impossible; to know more about this garden, click here.

The Yadavindra Gardens also organize many events, concerts, shows, and fairs throughout the year, like Pinjore Mango Festival, Pinjore Heritage Festival, and Pinjore Baisakhi Festival, which makes it more amazing.

  • Best Time To Visit – October to January
  • Entry Fee – Rs25 per person

7. Gurudwara Nada Sahib

 Gurudwara Nada Sahib

It is a Sikh Gurdwara dedicated to Sikh history and is located on the banks of the Ghaggar-Hakra River in the Shivalik Hills in Panchkula. Gurudwara Nada Sahib is among the most popular tourist places in Panchkula.

It is a very neat and clean place filled with positive vibes. It is mainly popular because of Guru Gobind Singh, where Guru Gobind Singh ji halted while traveling from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib.

People come here to take the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and get rid of their sins. The Gurudwara Nada Sahib and all other Gurudwara give 24-hour free food to the pilgrims, also called “Langar” or “Prasad.”

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

8. Morni Hills

Morni Hills

Morni is also known as the “Switzerland of Haryana,” and it’s eventually true. Morni Hills is located 35 km from Panchkula at a height of 1200 meters, which makes it the best spot for hikers, trekkers, and campers.

Morni Hills is a perfect spot for people who want to beat the heat and spend time in nature. It is a less-populated place with many activities, like boating, swimming, wildlife watching, camping, trekking, and hiking.

Morni has many temples and forts to explore, like Morni Fort Museum, Garhi Kotaha Fort, Masoompur Fort, Morni Hill Archaeological Site, Morni Pheasant Site, Morni Hill Fort, and Bhuri Singh Deota Temple.

  • Best Time To Visit – Summer
  • Entry Fee – It varies from person to person

9. Prachin Shree Kali Mata Temple, Among The Best Places In Panchkula

Prachin Shree Kali Mata Temple

Prachin Shree Kali Mata Temple is a famous Goddess Kali Temple located 29 km from Panchkula in Kalka. Kalka is a tiny town in Panchkula District, Haryana, but a nice place for all ages.

It is also considered among the most mysterious Temples in India because it is believed that if anyone wishes here with the core of their heart, their wish becomes true. That’s why millions of people visit this temple annually.

Prachin Shree Kali Mata Temple is not located exactly in Panchkula, but if you are in Panchkula must visit this place; otherwise, your trip is incomplete. It is also considered among the best things to do in Panchkula.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

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10. Mata Mansa Devi Temple

 Mata Mansa Devi Temple

Like, Prachin Shree Kali Mata Temple, it is also the most famous temple dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi, a pure form of Shakti. It spreads over 300 acres of land near the sector of Chandigarh and Panchkula.

Mata Mansa Devi is among the most prominent Shakti Pitha Temples in North India. Millions of people visit Mata Mansa Devi Temples annually, and it is much crowded on festivals like Diwali and Navratra Mela.

It is believed that if a person comes here with a pure heart, any wish will come true. Many people in India are examples of the magic of Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula.

  • Best Time To Visit – September to December
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

11. Bougainvillea Park

Bougainvillea Park

It is among the cleanest and nicest parks which are not located exactly in Panchkula but 5 km from Panchkula in Chandigarh city. This park spreads over 20 acres of land with greenery and Bougainvillea plants.

There are also many walking paths, a drinking fountain, and a sitting area. The best part about this park is that it houses bougainvilleas shaped into different forms like an arch, pavilions, a cluster of bowers, etc.

You can witness people walking, jogging, yoga, meditation, and sleeping under the trees. Visiting Bougainvillea Park in the early morning or evening would be best because that time the weather is pleasant.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime (in the evening)
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

12. Bird Sanctuary, Among The Best Panchkula Famous Places

Bird Sanctuary

It is the hidden gem in Panchkula, where people come to witness the natural habitat of birds and many other animals. Bird Sanctuary is mainly known for bird-watching areas, but it has many things to do apart from this.

Like slides for kids, a walking area for all ages, ducks watching area, benches for relaxing, a beautiful lake filled with ducks and fishes, an eating place, washrooms, bathrooms, a Gautam Buddha idol, and picnic shelters.

Bird Sanctuary is an excellent place to spend weekends with family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, and solo. You can witness people taking photographs, laughing, talking, and spending good time with their loved ones.

  • Best Time To Visit – Weekends
  • Entry Fee – Rs50 per person

13. I Love Panchkula

 I Love Panchkula

It is a monument in Panchkula, like other monuments. It is a place that is meant for photography. I Love Panchkula are the words written on a vast board that enlightens as soon the sun goes down, or the moon comes.

Honestly, there is nothing to do here apart from taking pictures with this board and uploading it on social network platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But it is a must-see spot if you want to explore all of Panchkula.

Nowadays, it has become a trend in every developed city to make a board on the name of their city with written I Love on it like I Love Chandigarh, I Love Himachal Pradesh, I Love Toronto, I Love New York, etc.

  • Best Time To Visit – Evening
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

14. Bisaat- Cuisines & Culture Curated

Bisaat- Cuisines & Culture Curated

Continue following the old ritual of Travel Tour Idea; it is the best eating place in Panchkula. Let me explain for people who don’t know about our ritual; in the end, we talk about the best eating place in the destination.

Bisaat – Cuisines & Culture Curated is a fine dining restaurant where they serve Royal Indian food with a core of their heart. This restaurant’s food is mouth-watering and liked by everyone.

It is a pure family restaurant; you can come here with your kids, family, friends, and loved ones. The Bisaat- Cuisines & Culture Curated is open till 11:30 P.M daily. It is the most recommended place to eat in Panchkula.

  • Best Time To Visit – When you feel hungry
  • Pricing – It varies from person to person

Conclusion On The Best Things To Do In Panchkula, Haryana

It’s all about the best places to visit in Panchkula. Panchkula is a well-known city, but most people only visit its neighbor city Chandigarh and don’t visit Panchkula. It is a hidden gem in Haryana and a must-visit place.

Most people think that Panchkula is not interesting, but that’s not true; from temples to gardens and from parks to wildlife sanctuaries, there are many best places in Panchkula, and this post is made to tell you about that places.

Now you have the list of best places to visit in Panchkula; pack your bags, book your tickets, and use this blog post to explore Panchkula. Don’t forget to share your Panchkula travel experience in the comments.

“Thank You.”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Panchkula Famous Places

Below I will answer the most asked questions by people on the Internet about tourist places in Panchkula, Haryana.

What are the romantic places to visit in Panchkula?

1. Bird Sanctuary
2. Deer Park
3. Town Park

What are the best places to visit in Panchkula at night?

1. Mansa Devi Temple
2. Kali Mata Mandir, Kalka
3. Gurudwara Nada Sahib

What are the best places to visit in Panchkula with friends?

1. Bisaat
2. Morni Hills
3. Cactus Garden

Is Panckula a good place to live?

Yes, Panchkula is among the best places to live in Haryana because it is less crowded with all the essential things, like education centers, hospitals, shopping malls, and homes for every budget.

Which is the best area to live in Panchkula with family?

MDC area is the best place to live in Panchkula with family or solo because it is less crowded and budget friendly with all features.

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