Top 12 Amazing Things To Do In Dillon Montana

Dillon, Montana, is considered among the best places whether you are looking for a short vacation or making Dillon your permanent address. Dillon is an amazing place to raise your family and kids with everything.

From Great Schools to University Level, State Parks to Museums, and Auditoriums to Hiking Trails, there are plenty of fun things to do in Dillon Montana. Dillon has a less population, around 5000 people.

Before coming to Dillon, it would be highly recommended to read the traffic, weather, and road conditions report on localconsditions because Dillon, Montana, is very poor.

Contiune studying this article to learn about the amazing things to do in Dillon Mt.

1. Clarks Lookout State Park

Clarks Lookout State Park

Clarks Lookout State Park is situated above the Beaverhead River. It is also the most beautiful park in Dillon, Montana. There are many amenities and activities to do in this park.

Like hiking, wildlife viewing, photography, sightseeing, and picnic, pets like dogs and cats are also allowed in Clarks Lookout State Park.

The best nearby locations are Beaverhead County Fair, Blacktail Meadows, Beaverhead Golf Club, Chris Craft County Park, and Beaverhead River.

  • Best Time To Visit – May to September
  • Things To Do – Hiking, Photography, and Picnic
  • Entry Fee – No Fee

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2. Beaverhead River

Beaverhead River

Beaverhead River is long, more than (70 miles) 111 Km. Beaverhead River is also an excellent place for fishing. You can find brown fish, rainbow trout, and many more fishes here. You can also enjoy boating here.

It is the best place to relax in Dillon, Montana. The water of Beaverhead River is crystal clear. It is the home of many water animals like crocodiles, frogs, fishes, etc.

Beaverhead River also has many sights, like Crystal Park, Lemhi Pass, Bannack State Park, Hot Springs, and Beier Auditorium.

  • Best Time To Visit – August to October
  • Things To Do – Fishing, Boating, Relaxing, and Photography
  • Entry Fee – No

3. Jaycee Park

Jaycee Park

Jaycee Park in Dillon is one of the pleasant and most recommended things to do in Dillon Montana. Jaycee Park is a hidden place in Dillon, MT; not many people know about this place.

Jaycee Park also has many fun things to do, like slides, shelters for a picnic, and benches. It is also an excellent place for children. It is a perfect spot if you are finding a place in Dillon where you can relax sometimes.

Some best locations are nearby, like Fish Wildlife & Parks Department, Museum and Depot Park, and Beaverhead County Museum.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime (in the evening)
  • Things To Do – Picnic, Walking, Sliding, and Relaxing
  • Entry Fee – No Fee

4. Bannack State Park, Among Must Things To Do In Dillon MT

Bannack State Park

It is also one of the great things to do in Dillon Montana. It was discovered in 1862 and is a historical landmark in Montana. You can also learn about Montana’s history in this place.

There are many things to do in Bannack State Park, like Saturday night parties, celebrating pioneer life, ghost walking in haunted houses, and spending the night in a ghost town.

Some nearby places are Bannack Campground, Badger Ridge South, Ghost Town, Hangmans Gulch, Sagebrush Creek, Bannack Cemetery, and Grasshopper Greek.

  • Best Time To Visit – April To August
  • Things To Do – Camping, Hiking, Trekking, and Photography
  • Entry Fee – $4/Person

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5. Lemhi Pass

Lemhi Pass

Lemhi Pass is an ideal location for travelers, hikers, trekkers, and adventure lovers. It is more than 7300 feet above sea level. In ancient times, it was a horse-trading place. It is covered with trees, mountains, and rivers.

It is also one of the fabulous things to do in Dillon MT. The weather is cold all year, and snowfall here any time makes it the ideal destination for people looking for an adventure in Dillon.

Some spots are nearby to visit, like Trail Creek, Sacajawea Memorial Picnic Area, IDAHO Montana, and Goat Mountain.

  • Best Time To Visit – May to July
  • Things To Do – Trekking, Camping, and Photography
  • Entry Fee – No Fee

6. Blacktail Deer Creek

Blacktail Deer Creek

Blacktail Deer Creek near Butte is one of the best things to do in Dillon Montana. You can do many activities here, like fly fishing, bank fishing, walking, trekking, boating, and trout fishing.

Some famous fishes are Rainbow Trout, Black Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, etc. The Blacktail Deer Creek is over 61 km (38 miles) long. People mainly come here for fishing. Parking and restrooms are available here.

Some nearby trails include Wraith Falls, Bunsen Peak Loop, Bunsen Peak, Mammoth Terraces, and Osprey Falls Trail.

  • Best Time To Visit – June
  • Things To Do – Fly Fishing, Trekking, and Camping
  • Entry Fee – No

7. Beaverhead County Museum

Beaverhead County Museum

The mission of The Beaverhead County Museum is to preserve and collect human history and the natural and physical history of humans. Thousands of people visit yearly here to see artworks.

The Beaverhead Museum also provides education, entertainment, community, and economic influence. Some volunteers and patrons also work in this museum. You can also enjoy exhibits here.

Some nearby locations are Jaycee Park, Clarks Lookout State Park, Beaverhead River, Cornell Park, Vigilante Park, and Museum and Depot Park.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime
  • Things To Do – Explore artworks, the history of humans, and sightseeing
  • Entry Fee – Free Entry

8. Juranson Manor, Among The Best Things To Do In Dillon Montana

Juranson Manor

Like Beaverhead County Museum, Juranson Manor is another museum built in 1906. The Juranson Manor has glass windows, marble floors, and woodwork. It is a homestay also.

The kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms are available in Juranson Manor. Not many people know about this place; it is a hidden gem. You can also enjoy yourself here with your friends and family on weekends.

Some nearby attractions are Hot Springs, Maverick Mountain, Bannack State Park, The Book Store, Crystal Park, and Big Hole River. Juranson Manor is one of the best things to do in Dillon Montana.

  • Best Time To Visit – Weekends
  • Things To Do – Homestay, Picnic, and See unique artwork
  • Entry Fee – No (only charged when you book this place)

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9. Territorial Rodeo Days

Territorial Rodeo Days

Rodeo Days take place in Dillon from Thursday to Sunday. Let me explain; to those who don’t know about Rodeo Days, it is a game in which three big rodeos combine into a show, and the audience enjoys it.

Anyone can take part in Rodeo Days. It is open to all people from anywhere in the world. Many fun activities include flamingo races, ladies’ marathons, tie a goat, and buddy barrel races.

Dance, music, and shows occur on Sunday evenings after the Rodeo game ends. In addition, there are more attractions like Cowboy Poetry, Riding Competitions, and Horseshoe Tournament.

Territorial Rodeo Days are the best fun thing to do and one of the most recommended things to do in Dillon Montana, United States.

  • Best Time To Visit – Thursday to Sunday
  • Things To Do – Race, Dance, Music, and Cooking Competition
  • Entry Fee – Depends on the Show

10. The Continental Divide Trail, Among The Best Things To Do In Dillon

The Continental Divide Trail

Like Lemhi Pass, people mainly come here for hiking, trekking, and adventure. It is one of the most challenging trails in the United States but also one of the great things to do in Dillon Montana.

Nearly 200 people completed this trail last year. It is the longest trail in Montana; it takes more than six months to complete this trail. It is not recommended to everybody, only for real travelers and trekkers.

Nearby famous attractions are Mount Edwards, Grays Peak, Mount Sniktau, Grizzly Peak, and Torreys Peak. If anybody asks you what to do in Dillon Montana? The Continental Divide Trail is the answer.

  • Best Time To Visit – Summer
  • Things To Do – Trekking, Camping, and Enjoy the best scenery
  • Any Entry Fee – No

11. Dillion Skate Park

Dillion Skate Park

Dillion Skate Park is one of the top-rated parks on the internet. It is an excellent place for children and those who love skating. It is also one of the fantastic things to do in Dillon MT.

You can skate here; it is a park that is mainly built for skating that’s which is also called “Skateboard Park.” If you don’t know how to skate, don’t worry, you can also learn from other children and trainers.

Some nearby spots are Vigilante Park, Fish Wildlife & Parks Department, Centennial Park, Jaycee Park, and Museum and Depot Park.

  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime
  • Things To Do – Skating and Learn Skating
  • Entry Fee – Free

12. Beier Auditorium

Beier Auditorium

Beier Auditorium is where concerts, college shows, movies, comedy shows, and many events occur. It is open to all people. On the internet, you can find all the upcoming shows and events.

Beier Auditorium is among the best places to enjoy in Dillon and among the best things to do in Dillon Montana. American, African, and European shows are the most popular shows here. If you want, you can also perform here.

There are also many locations to visit nearby, like The Great Room, Lewis and Clark Room, Keltz Arena, and Beaverhead County Fair.

  • Best Time To Visit – When Events Happening
  • Things To Do – Watch comedy shows, concerts, and live events
  • Entry Fee – $10/Person

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Conclusion On What To Do In Dillon?

It’s all about Dillon. Dillon is not a vast town or a city in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth visiting. Dillon is considered among the best places to live in the United States because it has less population.

From education centers to fitness centers, bars to museums, and parks to eating places, Dillon Mt is the best city. For students looking for higher education, Dillon is a perfect spot n the U.S.

Now you have the list of best things to do in Dillon, pack your bag, book your tickets, explore Dillon at its best; and this list will help you in the tour of Dillon. Don’t forget to share your Dillon experience in the comments.

“Thank You.”

Frequently Asked Questions About What To Do In Dillon Montana?

Below I will answer the most asked questions by people on the internet regarding Dillon.

What is Dillon Montana known for?

1. Bannack State Park
2. Beaverhead River
3. Clarks Lookout State Park

What are the best places to see in Montana?

1. Blacktail Deer Creek
2. Lemhi Pass
3. Territorial Rodeo Days

What are the best things to do around Dillon Montana?

1. Jaycee Park
2. Dillion Skate Park
3. Blacktail Meadows

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