Best 14 Unique Things To Do In Seaside Florida

Are you searching for the best things to do in Seaside Florida? If yes, you are landing on the right blog post. There are incredible things to do in Seaside Florida, like Topsail Hill Beach, Seagrove Beach, Grayton Beach, etc.

Seaside, Florida is an excellent place to explore. There are many places in Seaside Florida, like Dune Allen Beach, Santa Rose Beach, Van Ness Butler Beach, and many resorts and streets to explore.

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I believe that you are very excited to know about the best 14 unique things to do in Seaside Florida. So without getting any delay, let’s jump on this blog post.

Here Is The List Of Best 14 Unique Things To Do In Seaside Florida:

  1. Santa Rosa Beach
  2. Van Ness Butler Beach
  3. Dune Allen Beach
  4. Topsail Hill Beach
  5. Seagrove Beach
  6. Grayton Beach
  7. Explore Art Galleries
  8. Visit 30A Beaches
  9. Kayaking
  10. Restaurants
  11. Washington State Forest
  12. Seaside Pavilion
  13. Sundog Books
  14. Seaside Purple Wall

Sant Rosa Beach, Florida

Sant Rosa Beach

Sant Rosa Beach in Florida is one of the best travel destinations in the world. You can find natural beauty, blessed sunset view, and the best beaches in the world.

There are also many things to do in Seaside Florida, like Blue Mountain Beach, Eden Garden State Park, Don Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant, and The Underwater Museum of Art.

It is a tranquil beach in Florida and less crowded. You can enjoy yourself with your family; it is a perfect place to visit with family and friends. There are also restaurants and cafes in Sant Rosa Beach.

  • Best Time To Visit – March to July
  • Entry Cost – Free Of Cost
  • Location – Walton County, Florida, U.S.

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Van Ness Butler Beach

Van Ness Butler Beach

Van Ness Butler Beach is again the busiest beach in Florida. It is an excellent spot for a destination wedding in Florida. Bathrooms, showers, parking, and restaurants are available on this beach.

The great thing about this beach is that many events and shows take place here like Live Music, Hollyrock, Movie Night, Dance, Band, Cinema, and Karaoke Night.

You can explore famous seaside Florida like Grayton Beach State Park, Blue Mountain Beach, Watercolor, Eden Garden State Park, and Camp Helen State Park.

  • Best Time To Visit – April to July
  • Entry Cost – Free Entry (Charges only in special events)
  • Location – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Dune Allen Beach, Florida

Dune Allen Beach

Dune Allen Beach has the best things to do in Seaside Florida, like Ski centers, Golf courses, Topsail Beach, etc. It is a fantastic place in Florida to enjoy your vacations or weekends.

It is an excellent place for nature lovers and those who want to escape city hustle-bustle. Dune Allen Beach is less crowded than the others beach in Seaside Florida.

There are many activities in Dune Allen Beach that you can do, like biking, fishing, kayaking, and walking around the beach. Restaurants, Restrooms, and Park are also near Dune Allen Beach.

  • Best Time To Visit – May to June
  • Entry Price – Free Entry
  • Location – Dune Allen Beach, Florida

Topsail Hill Beach, Florida

Topsail Hill Beach

If you are finding a relaxing place in the United States, I believe that Topsail Beach is a place for you. Topsail Hill Beach has significant things to do like Bird Watching, Hiking, and Relaxing.

People mainly come to Topsail Hill Beach to do activities like Fishing, Paddling, Swimming, Camping, Hiking, Boating, Walking, and Cycling. It is a place where visiting is worth your time.

Some nearby attractions are Gulf Coast Axe House, The Shard Shop, Miramar Beach, Deer Lake State Park, Bills Sea Spa, Arnett’s Gulfside Trail Rides, and Sandestin Golf Resort.

  • Best Time To Visit – July to August
  • Entry Ticket – Free ($6 per vehicle entry)
  • Location – Santa Rose Beach, Florida

Sea Grove Beach, Florida

Sea Grove Beach

It is an excellent place for nature and adventure lovers. Oak Trees and Greenery surrounded Sea Grove Beach. It is one of the favorite places for luxurious things lovers. It is a place full of adventure.

You can get here boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It is an excellent place to visit with your family or friends in Florida. Hiking, Fishing, Boating, and Kayaking are one of the best fun things to do in Seaside Florida.

There are also more famous Parks and Beaches in Seaside Florida, like Deer Lake Street Park, Gulf Place, Miramar Beach, Alys Beach, and Cafe Thirty-A.

  • Best Time To Visit – February to April
  • Entry Cost – No Fees
  • Location – Seagrove Beach, Florida

Grayton Beach, fL

Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is a quiet and beautiful beach in Florida. It is a small beach, but it has many things to do like Paddling, Fishing, Walking, and Kayaking.

Honestly, there are not many things to do in Grayton Beach, but it is less crowded, so you can visit here to relax and enjoy nature’s beautiful scenery.

Grayton State Beach Park, Workshop by Ginger Leigh Design, The Shard Shop, and Fishy Booty Charges are some famous tourist attractions near Grayton Beach, Florida.

  • Best Time To Visit – July to October
  • Entry Fees – Free ($2/Vehicle)
  • Location – Walton County, Grayton Beach, Florida

Fun Things To Do In Seaside Florida:

Art Gallery, Florida

Art Galleries, Florida

Florida has beaches and parks to explore and some famous art galleries like the Newbill collection, Fusion Art Glass Gallery, Red Bird Gallery, and Clint Eagar Design.

The Art galleries have paintings, stories, jewelry, clay arts, books, etc. It is an excellent place for kids in seaside Florida. Even you can visit here solo too.

Studio Gallery, Inspired Fine Art Gallery, Cabana Studio, Saczynski Gallery, Justin Gaffery Studio& Gallery, and Anne Hunter Galleries are famous art galleries in seaside Florida.

  • Best Time To Visit – October to January
  • Entry Cost at Art Galleries – Free Entry
  • Location – Seaside, Florida, U.S.

Visit 30A Beaches

30-A Beaches

30 A is a collection of all the beaches I have told you about. 30-A is full of shopping malls, vacation places, restaurants, parks, forests, fishing, and kayaking.

Beaches like Rosemary, Santa Rose Beach, Van Ness Butler Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Topsail Hill Beach, and Seagrove Beach come under the 30 A collection.

Some famous beaches in seaside Florida that have not come under 30-A but are worth visiting like Shell Island Beach, Henderson Beach, and Mexico Beach.

  • Best Time To Visit – March to July
  • Entry Cost at 30 A Beaches – Free Entry
  • Location – Seaside, Florida

Kayaking, Florida

Kayaking, Florida

Kayaking is the king of water sports in Florida. It is one of the most famous water sports or adventurous things to do in seaside Florida.

Children under three years are not allowed to go Kayaking. Florida’s most famous Kayaking spots Coastal Dune Lakes, South Walton, Blackwater River, and The Beaches of Destin.

Paddling is another good sports activity to do in Florida. Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail, Wakulla River, and Suwannee River Paddling Trail are the best places to do paddling in Florida.

  • Best Time To Visit – March to July
  • Cost of Kayaking & Paddling – $50/Person
  • Location – Seaside, Florida

Restaurants, Florida

Restaurant, Florida

I believe that after hiking, walking, kayaking, and other places in Florida. You feel hungry and want to eat good food in Florida. There are restaurants which offer you delicious food and drinks.

Like Great Southern Cafe, The Shrimp Shack, Surfing Deer, Barefoot BBQ, Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs, Cocina Cubana, and Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant. Remember along with best it is also a most expensive one.

If you travel on a low budget, you also have a lot many options like Frost Bites, Sunrise Coffee Co, South of Philly, and Fat Daddy’s Kitchen.

  • Best Time To Visit – When you feel hungry
  • Minimum Budget Required – $20/Person
  • Location – Seaside, Florida

Washington State Forest, Florida

Washington State Forest

Visiting Washington State Forest is one of the most fun things to do in seaside Florida. You can see trees here like pine trees, longleaf pine Flatwoods, wet prairie, and swamplands.

It spreads more than 27 miles of area in Florida. Wild bears, Dolphins, and the Alligators are everywhere in the forest. Raccoons live under the palm trees.

There are some nearby parks, beaches, and lakes around the Washington State Forest like Deer Lake State Park, Grayton Beach State Park, Western Lake, Draper Lake, and Eastern Lake

  • Best Time To Visit – August to October
  • Entry Fees – $2/Person
  • Location – Washington State Forest, Florida

Seaside Pavilion, Florida

Seaside Pavilion

If you want to escape from the Florida city crowd and want to relax sometimes alone, Seaside Pavilions, Florida, is the most recommended place for you to visit.

It is a heaven place for photographers and solo travelers. The pavilions are constructed so that people sit there comfortably and spend some time with nature, and solo.

Some famous seaside Pavilion in Florida is West Ruskin Pavilion, Pensacola Pavilion, Odessa Pavilion, Savanah Pavilion, Coleman Pavilion, and Tupelo Pavilion.

  • Best Time To Visit – April to July (in the evening)
  • Entry Fees – Starts from $25/Person
  • Location – Seaside, Florida

Sundog Books, Florida

Sundogs Book Store, Florida

Sundog Books is an excellent place in Seaside Florida. The Sundog book shop in Florida for more than 31 years. It is an independent book shop and also the heart of Seaside Florida.

It is one of the most famous fun things to do in Seaside Florida. Honestly, there are not many things to do in the Sundog Books store except buy a book or rent a book. But it is the best place for kids in Florida.

It is an excellent place to spend some time alone in Seaside Florida. The owner of this shop is very good in nature and good to talk to. Visit this place is your call.

  • Best Time To Visit – When you feel exhausted
  • Entry Fees – No Fees
  • Location – Santa Rose Beach, Seaside, Florida

Seaside Purple Wall, Florida

Purple Wall

Seaside Purple Wall is a stunning purple color wall in Florida. The street artist of Florida named Andrew Pisacane created a painting on this wall of Vincent Scully to give tribute to him.

People mainly come here to take photographs of this purple wall. If you see this picture, you don’t believe a street artist makes it. It looks like a professional painter made this painting.

  • Best Time To Visit – June to September
  • Entry Fees – No Fees
  • Location – Seaside Purple Wall, Seaside, Florida

Conclusion On What To Do In Seaside Florida?

It is the ending part of a blog post about things to see in seaside Florida. I will try my best to tell you about all the best fun things to do in seaside Florida.

I believe that I can solve your problem related to this blog post. There are more than 30 things to do in Seaside Florida. But I will tell you only things that you will enjoy a lot in Seaside Florida.

But still, if you have any doubt regarding this blog post, you can comment down your query. I will answer your question within twenty-four hours.

That’s all for today, Thanks.

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Q1. What is 30A in Seaside Florida?

Ans: 30 A Seaside Florida is a collection of all beautiful beaches in Florida like Santa Rose Beach and Dune Alley Beach.

Q2. Is Seaside Florida worth visiting?

Ans: Yes, Seaside Florida is worth visiting. It has many things and activities to do that make your vacation rememberable.

Q3. Restaurants In Seaside, Florida

Ans: 1. Great Southern Cafe
2. The Shrimp Shack
3. Surfing Deer
4. Barefoot BBQ
5. Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs

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