14 Best Things To Do In Waxahachie, Texas

Waxahachie is a great residential area of Dallas, Texas, with around 40000 people. It is named after the Waxah Indian Tribe and the Coosaw Tribe’s word Hachie.

Waxahachie, Dallas, is among the places to live in Texas. Most of the people in Waxahachie have their own houses. It is an ideal destination for history, architecture, and art lovers.

Keep reading this article to learn about the amazing things to do in Waxahachie, Texas, United States.

1. Getzendaner Park

Getzendaner Park

Getzandaner Park is an amazing destination to enjoy in Waxahachie. The park spreads over 33 acres of land, providing picnic areas, playing areas, exercise places, and benches.

The park has amazing trees where people take naps and relax. The park has hiking trails, picnic tables, restrooms, historical sites, playgrounds, parking, and walking trails.

  • Address – 400 S Grand Ave, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

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2. Urban Air Trampoline And Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline And Adventure Park

It is an ideal destination for people who are looking for indoor adventure activities. Urban Air Adventure Park is suitable for kids, adults, and teenagers. It is also open for children’s birthday party booking.

Click here to book your seats or to book birthday venues in advance. Undoubtedly, Urban Air Adventure Park is among the best fun things to do in Waxahachie, Texas, United States.

  • Address – 507 N Hwy 77, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay for activities)

3. Ellis County Museum, Among The Best Things To Do In Waxahachie

Ellis County Museum

Ellis County Museum is Waxahachie’s most popular attraction for locals and tourists. It is a house to hand fans, collections of quilts, cotton in various grades, and World War 1 and 2 collections.

It is the best historical museum for history lovers and art lovers. The museum accepts donations but doesn’t charge any entry fee. It will take around one hour to complete this museum tour.

  • Address – 201 S College St, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

4. Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail

Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail

It is a 6-mile long trail from Lion’s Park to Getzendaner Park. Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail is a beautiful curvy path of Waxahachie with scenic woods.

On this trail in the early morning, you will see the cemetery, woods, beautiful curvy paths, and beautiful sunrise. It is an ideal place for cyclers, walkers, hikers, and old-aged people.

  • Address – Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

5. The Great Escape

The Great Escape

It is among the best fun things to do in Waxahachie, Texas. It is an escape room center where you and your team are locked for sixty minutes in a room, and you need to find clues to escape from it.

The Great Escape room also offers black light mini golf for extra fun. You can also reserve this place for your entire group. It is also a great spot for kids, family, and weekend visits.

  • Address – 791 N Hwy 77 Suite 101-A, Waxahachie
  • Pricing – starts from $35 per person

6. Poston Gardens, Among The Best Things To Do In Waxahachie, Texas

Poston Gardens

If you are in Waxahachie during the tulip season in the spring season, I am pleased to you to go to this place. It is an amazing and hidden spot in Waxahachie. It is a tulip flower garden in Waxahachie.

You will see thousands of tulips in various colors; pick your favorite to make a banquet. It is only open a few days a year while tulip bloom season is there; you can call them to know if the garden is open.

  • Address – 2000 Civic Center Ln, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay if you buy tulips)

7. George Brown Plaza

George Brown Plaza

It is a wonderful park, including water activities for all ages. The park is neat, clean and has awesome splash pads and picnic tables. It is a perfect spot to beat the heat in Waxahachie.

There are also restrooms and parking areas available here. It is a perfect place to enjoy with family, kids, friends, and solo. George Brown Plaza is considered among the best fun things to do in Waxahachie.

  • Address – 209 N Jackson St, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

8. The Mosaic Hideaway, Among The best Fun Things To Do In Waxahachie

The Mosaic Hideaway

The Mosaic Hideaway is the best place to learn mosaic. This place’s owner helps you learn all this stuff yourself. You can come here with your whole family to enjoy on weekends.

You can also meet new people, like you, who are interested in mosaics. You can create your masterpiece here. People said it is a place where if you come to one, you get addicted to mosaic.

  • Address – The Mosaic Hideaway, Waxahachie, Texas
  • Entry Fee – It varies from time to time

9. Munster Mansion

Munster Mansion

The Munster Mansion is home to Sandra and Charles McKee. It is among the most famous attractions in Waxahachie. It is also considered a mini-museum. It is a perfect example of living work.

Many charity events occur here; it is also open to the public. You can take photos with Spooku Munster Mansion. If you are in Waxahachie, you must visit this place and feel nostalgic.

  • Address – 3636 FM813, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – starts from $30

10. Atelier Antiques

Atelier Antiques

It is a very underrated place in Waxahachie, but it is an ideal destination if you are an art lover or old things lover. Atelier Antiques is an amazing shop with many vendors with unique items.

It is a hidden gem; if you visit this place, I guarantee you will not face disappointment. There are so much surprising things under one roof. It is also a great place to visit with friends and family.

  • Address – 308 S Rogers St, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

11. Webb Gallery

Webb Gallery

It is one of the best things to do in Waxahachie, Texas. Webb Gallery is the most famous art gallery in Waxahachie, and it has been running its program for thirty-four years.

Bruce and Julie tell you about the artists and everything displayed in Webb Gallery. There are many exhibits, artwork, antiques, books, etc. It is an ideal destination for people interested in mysteries.

  • Address – 209 W Franklin St, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Not Known

12. Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market

Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market

It is a hidden spot in Waxahachie, among the best things to do in Waxahachie Solo. If you don’t like the crowd and want to spend time alone, it is a perfect spot.

From its name, you can guess it is a farmers market where people sell things like statues, jewelry, fruits, vegetables, kitchen tools, food, and many things available in the market.

  • Address – 701 Howard Rd, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing

13. Applebee’s Grill + Bar

Applebee's Grill + Bar

While exploring Waxahachie, you need a break to eat food and drinks. Applebee’s Grill + Bar is among the most famous bars in Waxahachie, Texas. The atmosphere, food, and drinks are excellent.

It is a full-service chain bar and grill providing American eats. You can eat snacks, food, drinks, coffee, and other snacks here. You can also order online from here. Dine-in and Delivery are available here.

  • Address – 601 N Hwy 77, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay for eating and drinks)

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14. Cotton Patch Cafe

Cotton Patch Cafe

It is also an excellent restaurant like Applebee’s Grill + Bar, but it is more family-friendly. It is a famous coffee shop, more than a restaurant. The vibe of this place is awesome, and the staff is very friendly.

Cotton Patch Cafe is a family-friendly restaurant made with Southwestern recipes from scratch. It opens seven days a week. The best part about this restaurant is that they serve from the core of their heart.

  • Address – 791 N Hwy 77, Waxahachie
  • Entry Fee – Nothing (only pay to eat)

Conclusion On What To Do In Waxahachie, Texas

It’s all about the best things to do in Waxahachie. Waxahachie is an ideal destination for everyone; it has everything from museums to escape rooms and parks to clubs.

Pack your bag and cover all the destinations described in this article. You will never face disappointment in Waxahachie while visiting anytime.

Comment your thoughts and Waxahachie’s experience in the comments.

“Take Care”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Events In Waxahachie?

1. Summer Concert
2. Live Music
3. Brady Seals

How To Spend a Day In Waxahachie, Texas?

1. Ellis County Museum
2. Webb Gallery
3. Farmers Market

What Are The Cheap Places To Visit In Waxahachie?

1. Getzandaner Park
2. George Brown Plaza
3. Urban Air Adventure Park

Is Waxahachie A good place to live?

Yes, Waxahachie is considered among the best place to live in Texas. It has everything a person needs to live at its best.

What Make The Waxahachie Must Visit Place In Texas?

Waxahachie’s nightlife, parks, museums, art, culture, restaurants, creeks, trails, live music venues, events, and many things make Waxahachie a must-visit place in Texas, United States.

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