14 Best Animal Attractions In UAE For A Memorable Vacation

The (UAE) also known as the United Arab Emirates, is not only known for its luxurious life and skyscrapers. It is home to majestic deserts, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, safari parks, and marine creatures.

The country offers a unique blend of wildlife encounters that will surely surprise you. People mainly come to the UAE to visit zoos, aquariums, safari parks, gardens, planetaries, Islands, and wildlife sanctuaries.

According to the report on Zawya, Tourism investment in the UAE is expected to climb by nearly 10 per cent in 2023 as the Gulf nation is returning to pre-pandemic boom levels.

That is why the UAE is among the favorite destinations of everyone. Continue studying this blog post, where you will find a list of the best animal attractions in UAE that you must visit.

1. Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

Established in 1968, the Al Ain Zoo is the most popular and significant in the UAE. The zoo spreads across 400 hectares of land and is home to over 4,000 animals from 200 different species and many more.

Apart from the animal sanctuary, the zoo promises various interactive experiences, education programs, live events, volunteer programs, exhibitions, donation programs, and conservation initiatives.

  • Entry Fee – 31.50 AED for per adult
  • Best Time To Visit – October to April

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2. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the wonder of the world-class Dubai Mall. The place is among the largest suspended aquariums in the world. Tourists can walk through a tunnel surrounded by thousands of marine animals.

Like sharks, stingrays, and exotic, colourful fishes, the underwater zoo also offers various interactive displays, exhibitions, and an opportunity to learn about marine conservation techniques.

  • Entry Fee – 145 AED per person
  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime in the early morning

3. Dubai Safari Park, Among The Best Animal Attractions In UAE

Dubai Safari Park

Next is the Dubai Safari Park, where you can have a safari-like experience and encounter worldwide wildlife. The park has various zones, including an Asian village, an African village and an open Safari.

If you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy with family, and do fun activities with kids, Dubau Safari Park is an ideal destination for you; apart from that, it is the best animal attraction in the UAE.

  • Entry Fee – 50 AED per adult
  • Best Time To Visit – October to April

4. Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo

Situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE’s capital, the Emirates Park Zoo expands over an area of 1.4 million square feet. It is home to animals like lions, giraffes, zebras, reptiles, and birds.

While visiting the zoo, you can participate in various activities like camel riding, animal feeding and petting the animals; it makes your visit to Emirates Park Zoo more memorable.

  • Entry Fee – 30 AED per person
  • Best Time To Visit – September to December

5. Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium

The Sharjah Aquarium is situated in the beautiful Al Khan Corniche. The aquarium is home to some exotic marine life found only in the Arabian Gulf. It is also among the best animal attractions of UAE.

Visitors get to explore the vibrant display of the different underwater habitats animals exhibitions, watch the feeding sessions of the marine animals and even get up close with these aquatic creatures.

  • Entry Fee – 25 AED per adult
  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime

6. Dubai Dolphinarium, Among The Most Popular Animal Attractions In UAE

Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium is an ideal place to visit with your child. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular performances by dolphins and seals and interact and swim with them under professional supervision.

Dubai Dolphinarium is also an excellent place for all ages, especially for kids under 13 years; that’s why it is also considered a fantastic animal attraction in the UAE. People also come here to relax, spend time alone, and enjoy with family.

  • Entry Fee – Between 25 AED to 205 AED
  • Best Time To Visit – Summer

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7. Al Tamimi Stables

Al Tamimi Stables

If you dream about horse riding through the desert or along the beach, Al Tamimi Stables is ideal. These stables offer guided tools on horseback, a personal guide to help you, and many more.

Visitors get to experience the country’s natural beauty while enjoying the company of these magnificent and peaceful animals. It is also considered among the most relaxing activities in UAE.

  • Entry Fee – 35 AED per adult
  • Best Time To Visit – Right Now

8. The Green Planet

The Green Planet

The Green Planet is situated in the busy city of Dubai, considered one of the largest indoor tropical rainforests. It houses some exotic flora and fauna from the famous Amazon rainforest.

You can explore the lush green environment, encounter wildlife like sloths, monkeys, and tropical birds, and learn about conservation efforts. It would help to buy Green Planet Dubai Tickets online to avoid long queues and rush.

  • Entry Fee – 160 AED per person
  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime in Weekdays

9. Sir Bani Yas Island, Among The Best Animal Attractions Of UAE

Sir Bani Yas Island

This beautiful nature reserve in Abu Dhabi has many exotic wildlife. Visitors can book guided Safari and witness Arabian oryx, cheetahs, giraffes, and other animals in their natural habitat.

Do not worry about the accommodations, as the Island has some luxurious hotels and resorts. Apart from that, many hostels, cottages, and tent houses are also available at minimal prices.

  • Entry Fee – 15 AED per person
  • Best Time To Visit – November to February

10. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

This garden is home to thousands of colourful butterflies from across the world. Visitors can walk through these spacious domes filled with beautiful green plants and observe these delicate magical creatures close up front.

The garden also offers educational tours about butterfly conservation. Dubai Butterfly Garden is ideal for children and youngsters because it has many things they can enjoy independently.

  • Entry Fee – 55 AED for per person
  • Best Time To Visit – October to March

11. Dubai Safari Conservation Reserve

Dubai Safari Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Safari Conservation Reserve is a protected area for indigenous wildlife. Visitors can book guided nature drives to spot wild animals like gazelles, oryx, and Arabian foxes while learning about conservation efforts.

  • Entry Fee – 100 AED per person
  • Best Time To Visit – October to March

12. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary attracts thousands of migratory birds every year. This wetland sanctuary is also home to crustaceans, small mammals, insects, rare birds, and some rare fish.

Visitors can participate in bird-watching camps that are strategically located in bird hides. It is also an ideal destination for all ages and is considered among the best animal attractions in UAE for everyone.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Best Time To Visit – Anytime

13. Hatta Honey Bee Garden

 Hatta Honey Bee Garden

The Hatta Honey Bee Garden is a beautiful and peaceful place in nature’s lap. You can visit this beautiful place to witness the intricate world of honey bees, and it is also the best spot for relaxing in UAE.

The beautiful garden and guided tours offer an educational and immersive experience highlighting the importance of honey bees in our ecosystem. Don’t miss the chance to visit this place once in your life.

  • Entry Fee – 50 AED per adult
  • Best Time To Visit – Summer

14. The Falconry Heritage Centre, Among the best free animal attractions in UAE

The Falconry Heritage Centre,

The Falconry Heritage Centre is a tribute to the rich falconry history of the nation. Visitors can learn about the world of falconry and its significance in the culture and history of the country.

The centre has beautiful displays and interactive exhibits, and the live demonstration sessions are something that you must not miss out on.

  • Entry Fee – Nothing
  • Best Time To Visit – November to March

Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting Best Animal Attractions in UAE

Before visiting these animal attractions, you must keep these things in mind:

  1. Before visiting any animal attraction, you must research and plan your visit. Learn about the animals, the opening hours and the ticket price beforehand.
  2. Make sure that you and your family follow ethical practices.
  3. Always follow the rules and guidelines set by the authorities. These restrictions may include not touching the animals, maintaining a safe distance and refraining from using flash for photography, which can disturb the animals.
  4. Keep the noise level minimum and avoid behaviour that might stress or worry the animals.
  5. Do not feed the animals unless specifically allowed by the authorities. Human food may harm them, and providing them may disrupt their natural feeding patterns.

Wrap Up On What are the popular animal attractions in UAE?

As you explore UAE’s fantastic animal attractions, one thing is sure: the experiences here are a real treat. Who wouldn’t be blown away by the majestic creatures in the Dubai Aquarium or the sheer charm of the Emirates Park Zoo?

These places are not only entertainment hubs; they act as a bridge connecting us with the fantastic animals with whom we share our planet, whether you are leaving with a jaw-dropping moment.

Now you have the list of best animal attractions in UAE, pack your bags, book your tickets, and land in UAE to start exploring all the attractions mentioned above individually.

“Thank You.”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Animal Attractions Of UAE

Below, I will mention the most asked queries by people on the Internet regarding UAE attractions.

What are the free animal attractions in UAE?

1. The Green Planet
2. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
3. Mushrif National Park

Which is the most prominent wildlife sanctuary in UAE?

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

What animals live in Dubai?

1. Arabian Wolf
2. Striped Hyena
3. Arabian Tahr

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